School Psychologist

School Psychologist Services

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Psychological First Aid Training

Creating Bullying & Abuse Free Schools through Prevention – Management – Resilience Training
Online Webinar for Principal & Management – Call or Whatsapp at 0091 97 86 89 0008

Faculty Empowerment

Faculty empowerment involves practices that make a faculty member feel motivated, enhance their confidence level in terms of expertise and knowledge and empower them to do the right thing that serves a meaningful purpose.

Parent Empowerment

Parent empowerment is a significant component of childcare. Parents should be empowered to build good communication, offer the required support and information to their children, gain knowledge and have an open mind

Student Empowerment

The Student Empowerment Workshop is a skill empowerment program for students conducted by qualified School Psychologists. It provides workshop materials, support and resources aimed at providing students with the tools