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College paves way for new avenues in one’s life. It is an important transition period in the life of an individual wherein he or she needs appropriate guidance, support and encouragement. As young adults, college students undergo massive changes with respect to their personality, attitude, behavior, and mindset which ultimately influence their studies, career, and personal growth. This is a stage of life an individual needs access to the right resources and that is where a psychologist has his/her role to play. All educational institutions need a school psychologist in place to assist students in identifying their problems and helping them overcome those by adopting the right strategies.

What can be done?

There are a number of aspects a school psychologist can handle in a college set up.

  • Student Empowerment through
    • Soft Skill Training
    • Employability Skill Training
    • Life Skill Training
  • Faculty Empowerment
  • They help in identifying a student’s problem.
  • Professional people can help college students cope with anxieties and depression which are normally seen today due to the rising stress, thanks to the mounting pressure created from examinations, deadlines, project submissions, peer problems, social pressure, financial constraints, and making career choices.
  • School psychologists can work towards building self-confidence in young adults.
  • They can work in collaboration with special educators to open up perspectives and explore opportunities that lead to positive change.
  • The personal skills of students can be improved. Life skill empowerment is given special emphasis.
  • Psychological first aid training will be imparted to the interested faculty members.
  • These professionals can provide appropriate sex education to students in the best manner possible so that they understand the subject and behave responsibly in the society and in personal life.

How will it be done?

  • School psychologists work towards providing a safe zone in colleges where students can open up their mind on any problem and speak honestly.
  • Workshops, webinars and seminars will be conducted at regular intervals on relevant topics separately for students, faculty and parents.
  • Guidance and support services will be offered to students to cross tough times.
  • School psychologists use various strategies to help young adults cope better with reality and succeed in life.
  • They assist and facilitate positive behavior changes that are crucial for personal development at this stage of life.

How will colleges benefit?

Partnering with an expert school psychologist benefits a college in numerous ways.

  • Students develop the potential to handle stress caused due to various reasons effectively.
  • A tremendous improvement in their self-confidence and decision-making skills can be noticed.
  • Having professional support in terms of emotional and psychological wellbeing makes college life much easier for students as the college turns out to be a safe place to get the required help and support with various academic, social and personal problems as well as to be empowered with life skills.
  • College is a place/time where crucial decisions are shaped and made in the life of every person. Having a school psychologist in the team helps students enjoy a safe, happy, and meaningful college experience.

Get in touch

If you feel the need of the services of an expert school psychologist in your college– in terms of conducting workshops, seminars or webinars for your students, staff and parents, get in touch with us.

We are experts in serving students in the following areas:

  • Life skill empowerment
  • Psychological first aid training
  • Imparting sex education
  • Developmental Issues
  • Learning Disability, ADHD and Autism
  • Behavior Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Academic Issues
  • Career Awareness
  • Drug & other substance abuse Issues
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Trauma

Partner with us to make the dream of “Happy, Safe and Meaningful College Life” come true.

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