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Creating Safe and Successful Schools

All students and staff need a safe and supportive school environment to succeed. A safe school is one where teaching and learning are not distracted; disruptions are minimized; violence, drugs, bullying, and fear are not present; students are not discriminated against; expectations for behaviour are clearly communicated; and consequences for infractions are consistently and fairly applied. The most effective approach to creating safe and supportive school environments requires a comprehensive, coordinated effort including schoolwide strategies.

Our Safe Schools initiative includes:

  • Leadership and Teaching Strategies to Create Safe Schools
  • Involving Students in Establishing a Safe School
  • Involving the Educators and Parents
  • Creating Bullying & Abuse Free Programs at School
  • Creating Special Education Classrooms
  • Creating strategies to Prevent School Violence
  • Instilling Safe School Facilities
  • Planning for and Dealing with the Worst-Case Scenarios
  • Employ effective, positive school discipline that: (a) functions in concert with efforts to address school safety and climate; (b) is not simply punitive (e.g., zero tolerance); (c) is clear, consistent, and equitable; and (d) reinforces positive behaviours
  • Integrate ongoing positive climate and safety efforts with crisis prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery to ensure that crisis training and plans: (a) are relevant to the school context, (b) reinforce learning, (c) make maximum use of existing staff resources, (d) facilitate effective threat assessment, and (e) are consistently reviewed and practiced
  • Improve access to school-based mental health supports by ensuring adequate staffing levels in terms of school-employed mental health professionals who are trained to infuse prevention and intervention services into the learning process and to help integrate services provided through school–community partnerships into existing school initiatives.
  • Fully integrate learning supports (e.g., Behavioral, mental health, and social services), instruction, and school management within a comprehensive, cohesive approach that facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Acknowledge that sustainable and effective change takes time, and that individual schools will vary in their readiness to implement improvements and should be afforded the time and resources to sustain change over time.
  • It recognises that creating a safe and inclusive environment is key to tackling bullying and harassment and preventing suicide and self-harm.
  • All students should be safe from bullying and feel included in a school. Students who don’t feel safe or included in a school cannot learn effectively and reach their full potential.

Creating safe, orderly and welcoming learning environments is critical to educating and preparing all our children and youth to achieve their highest potential and contribute to society. 

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