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The role of a school psychologist in schools is significant in a number of ways. While a school psychologist has a range of duties to perform, the ultimate objective is helping students achieve success academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.

What can be done?

  • The first and foremost job of a school psychologist is to listen to the concerns of the students. From kindergarten to higher secondary, school psychologists support students at all levels.
  • Collaborating with teachers and the school management, they ensure the well being of students and act as valuable resources for their personal and educational advancement.
  • They help students in processing problems like disabilities, bullying, LGBTQ issues, poor academic performance, low self-esteem, social anxiety, peer issues, harassment, and problems at home.
  • A few of our main services include but not limited to:
  • Skill Training Programs
    • Student Empowerment Workshops
    • Faculty Empowerment Workshops
    • Parent Empowerment Workshops
    • Life Skills & Employability Skills Program for Students
  • School Based Prevention Programs
  • Psychological First Aid Training
  • Relationship & Sex Education for Children
  • Bullying and Abuse Free Campus with Continuous Live Support
  • Prevention – Management – Resilience Training
  • School Based Management Programs
  • Assistance & Support for Creating Inclusive Schools
  • Assistance for Creating Special Learning Centers
  • Safe Schooling Program for creating safe school atmosphere

How will it be done?

At schools, school psychologists help students by means of several actions/activities including but not limited to:
  • Listening to student concerns regarding academic, social or emotional problems
  • Promoting positive attitude and behavior
  • Providing sex education to students in an age-appropriate manner
  • Offering psychological first aid training to teachers and special educators
  • Helping students process their problems along with planning their goals and action
  • Meeting with teachers and parents to discuss academic, behavioral, social and familial problems
  • Counseling parents on important and relevant topics including substance abuse, good parenting and communication
  • Implementing behavioral management techniques
  • Researching and implementing various learning and life skill empowerment programs
  • Conducting workshops, seminars and webinars on various topics for parents, teachers and students
  • Evaluating and advising school disciplinary practices for students facing trouble
  • Actively participating in special education by means of administering psychological tests

How will schools benefit?

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A school psychologist in a school is definitely a value addition. There are a number of benefits the school can enjoy on hiring a school psychologist.

  • School psychologists help in creating a safe and positive environment in schools that’s conducive to learning.
  • These professionals assess the existing climate in schools, evaluate and recommend tested strategies to identify areas of school vulnerability, students with risky behavior and suitable prevention programs.
  • They play a crucial role in imparting special education services. They help develop and achieve the goals of every student’s IEP (Individualized Education Program). Besides, they conduct psychological tests and observations and share their findings. To ensure students are on track with their IEP, they consistently monitor their progress.
  • In addition, school psychologists help teachers handle struggling students, enhance their classroom management skills and make use of instructional strategies to engage all types of learners.

What’s more, parents will also be more than happy and secured to put their children in a school that collaborates with a school psychologist to make its environment a safe and positive one.

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We are experts in serving students in the following areas:

  • Life skill empowerment
  • Psychological first aid training
  • Imparting sex education
  • Academic Empowerment
  • Learning Disability, ADHD and Autism
  • Behavior Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Academic Issues
  • Career Awareness & Career Counselling
  • Drug & Other Abuse Issues

Partner with us to make the dream of “Happy and Safe Schooling” come true. If you feel the need of the services of an expert school psychologist in your school – in terms of conducting workshops, seminars or webinars for your students, teachers and parents, get in touch with us.

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