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Faculty Empowerment Programs

Faculty empowerment involves practices that make a faculty member feel motivated, enhance their confidence level in terms of expertise and knowledge and empower them to do the right thing that serves a meaningful purpose.

A few of the topics are listed below; for access on more topics, please visit our downloads (link to download page) section.

  • Techniques for effective teaching
  • Classroom management
  • School as a family
  • Using resources
  • Supporting students
  • Being an effective colleague
  • Being an effective teacher
  • Assessment and record keeping
  • Rapport establishing
  • Management of Abnormal behaviour

  • Upgrading their professional life

  • Knowing about disabilities

  • Communicating with the parent

  • Communicating with the student

  • Alternative punishments

  • Being a good teacher

  • Career guidance

  • Managing stress

Our faculty empowerment programs at School Psychology India conducted by highly qualified and experienced trainers, meant for both teaching and non-teaching staff, will serve as an integral part of a teacher’s professional development and success of an educational organization.

As teachers play an important role in moulding the behaviour and personality of a child, there is a need to empower them with essential skills that would help them to effectively handle various student issues with ease and confidence.

In the changing times, it’s a challenging task to handle children, keep track of their curricular concepts, come up with unique ideas to teach difficult topics, and encourage them to learn. Teachers should continuously learn new techniques and implement those in an effective manner.

Moreover, today, faculty members are expected to address and aptly handle the psychological and emotional issues of students as well. In order to fulfil all these requirements, teachers should undergo some effective faculty empowerment programs conducted by qualified and certified trainers.

Attending such programs will help a faculty member stay motivated, develop new skills, grow professionally, learn work-life balance, and understand student psychology which in turn will largely benefit students in their classroom learning processes.

If you want us to conduct faculty empowerment programs via webinars, online sessions, seminars, or via other platforms of your choice, email us or call us. Our experts at School Psychology India can assist you with choosing the right topics for your faculty empowerment programs.

Call us or Whats app us at 0091 97 86 89 0008 to discuss about faculty empowerment workshops.

Visit our Downloads page to download more information on how the programs will be conducted and the topic list as well to choose from.